San Jose, Costa Rica
After graduation from a secondary school in Latin American that teaches using the British educational system, I decided to continue my studies in Boston. Prior to my departure for the U.S., I realized that with no friends or family in the area I wouldn’t have much of a support system, which made me pretty anxious. Through an offical ay my new school I was put in touch with BCCG and these guys took really good care of me. When I get there, my apartment, car lease and cell phone contracts had already been set up and my advisor even made hotel arrangements for my family who accompanied me on my first trip out-not to mention the private tour of Boston we were treated to! BCCG is one of the best investments I’ve ever made; the peace of mind the organization has afforded to both my family and myself in invaluable.
Federico Ramirez/Boston University

Caracas, Venezuela
I’ll be honest, I initially joined BCCG for the sole purpose of purchasing a real estate property, as I know that their people are experta when it comes to the Boston market. I never intended to use my advisors in an academic of career growth capacity but through conversations with a BCCG advisor who had been taking me to see properties, I learned just how much the organization ahs to offer in these repsects. Today, BCCG is more than just me services provider; they are my number one resource for business networking in Boston
Freddy Morgenster/Boston University/Escuela Campo Alegre

Geneve, Switzerland
A friend who found the staff to be extremely well organized and friendly referred me to BCCG. Since joining it’s been so nice having people that I can relate to who understand exactly what I’m looking for what I need. I continue to be impressed with how seamless their team operates, and the level of professionalism with which all of my affairs are treated.
Anna W/Boston University/Institut Le Rosey

Athens, Greece
My BCCG advisor takes care of all my transportation needs back and forth between school and home. These services have been a great asset to my sister and I, especially over the holiday season when we make frequent last minute trips. BCCG even booked all my travel for my spring break trip last semester, and helping me to put together packages that I would have otherwise been aware of had I tried to plan it myself.
Aristidis Alafouzos/American Community School Cobham

Istanbul, Turkey
I met the guys at BCCG through a mutual friend. My mother and father flew in from home to get me settled at school; we had just 3 days to secure my housing, my car and insurance policies on both. Fortunately we had BCCG to help expedite the entire process, and by the end we were surprised to admit that we actually had a pretty good time doing it! I’ve referred three friends based on my experience who have since become members.
Ahmet/Babson/Le Rosey

For me, it’s all about accessibility and security. Being so far from home made it hard to get things done as quickly and as easily as I was used to, but BCCG changed all that. I get through my everyday life activities now with ease, and I love having someone that I can trust with all of my affairs. Whatever I need, they accommodate. It’s that simple.
Rashid Alzayain/Boston University

Hong Kong, China
When I joined up I had already been living in Boston for a year. I had my living situation figured out, and I wasn’t really in the martket for a tutor, but I recognized that BCCG could help me reinforce certain social aspects of my life. Ihad heard from a friend how well connected BCCG was with local hubs and hot spots, and for me, never having to wait in a long and obtaining preferred treatment status at some of the slickest restaurant in town was a huge pull. My famly especially loves when they come to visit me and we are treated like VIPs all over the city!
Khalid Verjee/Babson University/Northfield Mount Hermon

Jakarta, Indonesia
When I first got to town I had literally 2 days to find an apartment, furnish it, lease a car and get my finances straightened out. I don’t know what I would have done without my BCCG advisor to help me put all the pieces in place. There wasn’t a moment wasted…these guys clearly know what they’re doing.
Jyasper/Fisher College/Jakarta International School

Ghana, Africa/Milan, Italy
In February (2012) this year, I went to Boston for the first time. My son moved there to start university and I was interested in purchasing a home. I knew that I wasn’t capable of handling that on my own, so with the advice of some friends, I had the great pleasure and opportunity to get in contact with BCCG. From that moment on, BCCG handled every aspect related to purchasing an apartment.

After my arrival in Boston, I found myself having to completely furnish and organize the apartment. This might sound like something easy to do for someone who is living in their own country, how to deal with shops they already are familiar with, where they speak their first language, and own a car. However, as a foreigner who didn’t have much time and many things to accomplish, it would have been hard for me to do it all on my own.

I was introduced to Liz at BCCG, who patiently helped me with everything that needed to accomplish in the few days I was in Boston. She advised me where to make purchases, scheduled me appointments and organized all my household Utilities (water, TV, electricity and so on). Together BCCG ensured that I was taken care of, whether that meant looking over a contract before I signed or openly taking me anywhere I had to go, they were always available. Liz was always ready to solve all my never-ending problems; she was a lifesaver! Always taking notes and paying close attention to what I needed, her ability and connections created, in less than a week, an apartment fit for my son. Together with BCCGs young, educated, delightful staff, someone was always available, even for entire days, to guide me, while displaying attributes of good will and organization skills.

Always very professional and trust worthy, Liz and her colleagues were extremely helpful.

Even today, any time I find myself in trouble I know I can count on them for anything, and I would advise anyone to do the same. Liz has remained for me not only a helpful person in Boston, but also a friend, and I know I can always count on her and BCCG.
Elena – Parent

Copenhagen, Denmark
BCCG was one of the best decisions I have made since I moved to the states, when you move to a new place It is hard to find someone that truly has your back when things are tough, but that is what BCCG does, they are like a family that always has your back…

Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Despite the fact that I am an American and have family resources here, throughout my time at Boston University I have found BCCG to be invaluable. They have always been there for me, both in times of need and in handling my everyday affairs No request has been too big or too small. The personal assiting program has proved useful time and time again and I am very grateful for everything BCCG has done for me over the past three years.
John/Boston University